Colorado Aspen Collection

We are very excited to offer one of the most unique types of furniture in the country. It’s called Colorado Aspen, and the timber used to craft it is harvested high up in the mountains of Colorado between elevations of 8500-11500 feet.

Elk rubs and worm tracks bring out each piece of wood’s unique character, and its inner beauty really shines after two coats of varnish have been applied. Best of all, no two pieces will look exactly the same, meaning you can be confident knowing each piece’s exceptional uniqueness will truly make it stand out over the mass-produced competition.

No matter if you’re decorating a rustic log cabin deep in the Rocky Mountains or just looking to add some natural beauty to your home in the city or suburbs, you and your visitors alike will be awestruck when they see this attractive, unique, and hand-made rustic log furniture.

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